Some of us from The Mixer who just happened to be hanging out in this parking lot while dressed in coordinating colors.
This picture does not capture the amount of work it took Ashley (far left in pic) from Pirate Siren Photography to get us to all look like we can kind of focus on one thing at the same time. We are all artists, what can we say?

Yes, we do talk about this stuff all the time.

The Mixer began in our conversations. The ones we’d have at parties, meetings, events, the ones we’d have when we were off in the corner and all of the sudden someone said, “this happens to me, does it happen to you?” and someone else got to say, sometimes for the first time, “yes, that does happen to me, too!”

It’s a small thing — that feeling of connection, that idea that maybe you aren’t so weird, maybe there are others asking questions like yours, maybe other people also feel like they don’t fit in anywhere. Maybe other people wonder how to check their privilege while also recognizing how racism has affected them. Maybe some other folk had an identity crisis the first time they had to check a racial demographic box, and still don’t entirely know how to process it. We’re not promising answers. We are promising that we will continue asking the hard questions we face in our daily lives, and that we would like you to join us — whether you are like us, or not like us at all.

“I wish this podcast
was around when I was a kid”Seriously Everyone Working on The Mixer
We have a whole list of topics planned out, which we are excited to share with you during our first season. We want to make sure that our audience knows that we know that we cannot possibly represent one voice of the multiracial community. We aren’t trying to be the one voice, or answer all the questions. We are building a platform that is specifically for the asking of questions, and continuing the coversation.

We currently have representation from people who are mixed with black, Latinx, Native American, and white. Almost all of us in the core team have at least some amount of light-skinned privilege. We are looking for voices to highlight that are outside of our own experiences, particularly from people who are not white-passing. If this is you and you’d like to submit your story to be a guest on our show, please contact us here!

What is “Legal to Brew”?

Our tagline and social media name ( @legaltobrew) reference the landmark civil rights case, Loving vs. Virginia. In this case, interracial relations became legal. If you’d like to learn more, there’s a really good primer here: